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Integrate Flow buttons in SharePoint

I would love to see buttons in SharePoint. For instance when you want to click a button, select the title of the Flow from the Flow dropdown menu like the image below:pic3.png




When the flow is selected let a sidebar fly in from the right where you can fill in the inputs (if you have any) and start the flow when you're done filling in the inputs or clicked an "ok"-button.

Status: Completed
Flow Staff

Thanks Daniel. This is in progress and slated to come in shortly. Stay tuned! 

Flow Staff
Status changed to: Started
Super User

Awesome @merwan! That was a really quick reply btw... ;-) 

Level: Power Up

Thanks Daniel. Can you show us how did this ? I need this action Smiley Happy

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Microsoft teams - as per SP Designer workflows, can you please add:

1.  A Flow status column to the SharePoint list?

2. Ability to cancel/terminate/restart a Flow on an item.