Interactively Build Microsoft WORKFlows visually in Visio (Two-Way Interchange)

Status: Planned
by bmann on ‎09-02-2017 07:31 PM

Would be great to be able to build complex workflows visually in Visio (interactively with variables and logic) and have that visually display simple to complex workflows and build Microsoft Flows automatically.  Two-Way updates between Visio and Flow would be very helpful.  This would be something that a power user could use and explain to others - instead of enterprise solutions like NinTex that require IT involvement. 

Status: Planned

We announced we are working on this feature at this year's SharePoint conference.

by Anonymous
‎02-20-2017 09:15 AM - edited ‎02-20-2017 10:35 AM

I'm working on some rather lengthy Flows and will need to provide a training presentation.  I'd rather not dive into the actual flow when a higher-level diagram would do for my audience.  Sometimes a hardcopy is easier for discussions and mark-up.


Any chance there's a way to export Flows to Visio for basic documentation and presentation work?

by BridgetZ
on ‎07-06-2017 01:09 PM

Looking for the same, Upvoted!

by Gkime56
on ‎11-02-2017 07:27 AM

I concur

by flyingkiwi
on ‎03-25-2018 02:59 PM

Was there any reply to this, I am in the same boat as the OP.

I see an amazing repsonse time by Microsoft?

by GamerTuku
on ‎05-01-2018 01:31 AM

I'm in the same boat here. I'm about to manually recreate it as a diagram in visio just to get something more presentable for my training. 

by Flow Staff Stephen
on ‎06-09-2018 09:47 AM
Status changed to: Planned

We announced we are working on this feature at this year's SharePoint conference.

by JamesMi
on ‎06-14-2018 03:27 PM

If the visio version of the flow could also be used to display the current status of an instance of flow, then this would be awesome!  Like the old days when SPD/Viso workflows would place a green tick next to each step that had been executed in the workflow status window.

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