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Interface with Telegram messenger



please consider adding an interface to Telegram Messenger has an excellent interface.




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Vote for telegram

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Please add telegram support! At least to create messages.

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This should be the request for Telegram people, not for MS. They have to build it as a web service, host it somewhere and register as connector within Microsoft Flow so you will be able to see it in the connectors list.

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@valex Telegram has already a web service: 

I think MS need to build and register the conector using the web service.

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@Ignacio - This is not a web service, just the API for development purposes that is prerequisite for making it. Web service could be built using this API, meaning there is an actual server online that will relay the messages, and then somebody can make a connector to it.


BTW, your link points to Bot API, and chat bot will be of no help in this issue, somebody would need TDLib in order to build the web client that could be potentially connected to Office 365.