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LinkedIn connection

For me to consider migrating my automations to this, I need LinkedIn integration.


The ability to post to updates to my own page, a company page or a group would be the minimum required.

Status: Completed

You can now connect to LinkedIn - read more about it here:

Level 8

I have sucessfully set up a flow that triggers on a new Facebook post, translates it to Arabic, then posts is back to my page.  It works brilliantly, the translated post appears in a couple of minutes  How soon before LinkedIn integration is available within Flow so I can carry out the same translation on my LinkedIn posts?


I highly recommend creating your own flows from a 'blank flow' rather than using a template as it helps you learn the power of Flow very quickly.



Level: Power Up

Are there plans to integrate with Linkedin so that you can be notified when comments have been posted on your personal or company page?

Level: Powered On

Still using Zapier for this. It might be possible to write my own integrations, but this is something that would be useful right out of the box!

Level: Power Up

Nothing really special. Would be just great to be able to link our LinkedIn updates to certain groups in LinkedIn.

Flow Staff
Status changed to: Planned

LinkedIn support is something we're planning on, unfortunately, we cannot provide an ETA at this time because the public LinkedIn REST API doesn't contain any of the actions we would want to expose. We are working with the LinkedIn team to get exposing REST APIs booked so we can light it up in Flow. Thank you!