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Not able to save null value into date field(CRM DYNAMICS instance).

Need to store the Date field , based on codition if it is modified new value and if no change in value keep the same value, but this is not happening, i have tried if(condition,'new value',null''), but if i am not putting the value into the field '' the json on save shows "field_questionduedate":null, please help. 

I believe this is a bug with the microsoft Flow for DateTime fields.

Null values not saved crashing the Flow (saving some hard coded value for date is not the solution.)

date-issue.pngQuestionDueDate is ""dateTime-issue2.pngError 404 on save option.saved_date.pngJSON data after save the field (default no data)



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I believe that am experiencing the same issue.


the inability to save a null value to a date field.


My current workaround is to use another field to copy from. Which means that i might have to create a new field and never put data in it.

Level: Powered On

The Work around is use a tenatative unaccepatable date and store the value into Dynamics 365 (01/01/1965) and using busniess rule remove the specified value if this specific date(01/01/1965) is stored into Dyanmics 365.