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Office 365 Admin: Message Center

Is there a way we can pull data from the O365 admin portal? Would be handy to be able to get notifications when there is a new entry in the Message Center or be able to get a weekly digest to include the new entries since last time to push to a board or something.

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It would be really nice if we can use flow for new message center messages. Specially with the Flow integration with Microsoft teams. In our O365/M365 consultancy team we share a Team and we would like to receive all messages from the message center in our channel.


If their could be a trigger when their is a new message in the message center we can trigger the action to create a post in the channel.

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This should be in the Essenitals - "Service is broken" category, not just the ideas.


Has anyone sumitted a support request for this? What was the response?

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I got round to writing up how to build a custom connector - this probably means the out of the box one will arrive soon Smiley Wink

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Just updated my blog with details on creating a custom connector for the Message Center - - my target was Message Center posts for cgange management - but would get the Incidents too, although you might want to add a trigger.  My use case is ok with a schedule to pull new messages.