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OneNote Link to Microsoft Todo

So the OneNote to Microsoft To-Do link would be highly useful if you're using lots of To-Do's in OneNote & MS ToDoList.


So Scenario is:-

The Trigger on OneNote would be "When a Todo is created"


The action could be to "Add to Microsoft ToDo List"


Then this could link the two up together and could sync with each other


This could possibly work if you're adding Section and pages in OneNote and then this could create separate lists on Microsoft To do.


Please tell me your thoughts.



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Level: Power Up

@ArnoldIJzermans flagging onn ote line works well in outlook task but i still have to manually  move the task to todo task list in outlook

Level: Power Up

I second this as I have started to use OneNote as a bullet journal, but need To-Do as the main function to set up reminders, especially reperating tasks.  I tend to use Outlook for emails and mainly for the Calendar, not for Outllok tasks.  The other day I noticed Outlook flagged emails find their way into To-Do.


If implemented, this featureshould allow two-way set-up, ie either from To-Do to OneNote (specified notebook/section) or from OneNote to To-Do.  This would be useful to that OneNote can gather the relevant notes for a To-Do task.