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OneNote tags

Trigger - when you add a tagged item to a onenote page e.g. a To Do

This would allow you to export actions from meeting notes into a to do list app like Trello

Status: New
Level: Power Up

This would be great for transforming meeting notes in OneNote to a Todoist list - Tag something in OneNote as "ToDo" (trigger) then add to Todoist list (Action).

Level: Power Up

Please provide a Trigger for ANY Tag, not just To-Do. Passing the name of the tag would then allow a Flow that could cross-reference a Tag (say, "Tom") to an email address (maybe using an Excel spreadheet, translating "Tom" to "; then sending an email to Tom letting him know of a new Tag someone has assigned him (along with the subject of that Tag).

This would be a great extension of the tools already in OneNote for collaborative project management.

Level: Powered On

I would like to see the functionality when a particular tag is used (for me it would be Timeline), is added to a SharePoint list.

Level: Power Up

We use the To-do tag in OneNote to track tasks that we need to perform for clients.  What would be great is if we could enter the To-do's and then have them flow to Planner or some other platform so that we can see a unified list of all the task that we have to get done.  

Level: Powered On

This would be great for updating to ToDo (and other things as suggested).

In fact I'm gonna head over to the ToDo user voice and suggest they add a group that auto pulls them, just like flagged emails.


Why would I mark something as ToDo, and not want it to show up in my unified ToDo app...