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OneNote tags

Trigger - when you add a tagged item to a onenote page e.g. a To Do

This would allow you to export actions from meeting notes into a to do list app like Trello

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And to Todoist/ Microsoft to-do!

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Yes. Creating a To Do Tag in onenote would then create a new task in Wunderlist.


Creating a new task in Wunderlist is already an action, we just need the To Do Tag in onenote as an action also (i.e. When a new To Do Tag in OneNote is created -> create new task in Wunderlist)

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I support the tags as a trigger... would be very helpful. 

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This would be REALLY helpful for us.

Rather than tie this to a Wunderlist action, I'd rather this just be available as a trigger.

In our case I would want any text in a paragraph/line that has a particular tag to be available for the next action, which in our case would be used to send an email - I'd envision this going to the helpdesk with the onenote paragraph being the body of the email and ideally the Onenote notebook/page title also being available which would allow me to intelligently filter the email in our helpdesk system to the appropriate client in the helpdesk system.


My workflow in client meetings would then be to tag bullet points as "ToHelpdesk" and an email would automatically get sent and create the helpdesk ticket.  In an ideal world the ticket number would come back into onenote, but I recognise thats just a dream.....