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Planner: get more details from a task in planner (e.g. Comments, assigned To, Label, Attachments, ..

Currently the Action "Get Task Details" only returns the Task Title and Description. It would be very useful if more information can be retrieved via the Task Details action (e.g. Comments, Assigned To, Label, Attachment, Dates, Checklist). I'm thinking of scenarios like creating a SharePoint Item or Excel line based on the information after task completion (and Approval).

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Checklist and assignments are outlined in this thread:


You'll have to be more specific about what attachment. 



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Josh, I am looking how I can copy the check list from one task to another task. I reviewed your link that you provided on how to accomplish this but I did not see anything related to the checklist. It appeared that everyone was talking about how to assign users to a task.


What I currenlty have is the ability to copy a template bucket that never changes over to another bucket but I am missing the checklist. I am not worried about bringing over the comments section althought it would be nice. I primary need the checklist.Capture.PNG

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This is a big requirement ... based on the Flow actions there needs to be the ability to add Checklist items to a task.


Based on another data source's actions this can affect the requirements of a given task, and whether or not a checklist item is still relevant.