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Please improve the 'send calendar event to OneNote' flow so it equals the Outlook add-in

The OneNote add-in for Outlook on Windows to send a calendar event to OneNote is great. It sends very rich details about the event attendees, notes, location, uses expandable fields, etc. However I'm on a Mac so I can't use it.


There's a Flow that sends events to OneNote, which I absolutely love the idea of. Since I travel and meet with customers a lot, it would be great to fire up OneNote on my iPad and have a new note for the meeting I'm walking into already there, instead of having to use an Outlook add to send it manually.


But here's the rub. The event details that Flow sends over are nowhere near as rich as the details the Outlook add-in sends over. So basically what I want to end up with is a OneNote page that looks exactly like the page that is created from the Send to OneNote add-in in Outlook, but I want Flow to create it. Automatically. Smiley Happy


It would also be nice if there were some filtering capabilities based on event category. I don't need Flow creating a OneNote page for my dentist appointments. Smiley Happy

Status: New