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Possibility to @mention members in MS Teams

We're about to implement Dynamics 365 Services module in order to handle customer service requests.

In order to notify my team of new tickets I want to be able to @mention them in a new message in MS Teams.


This feature isn't available as a new action.


Thanks in adv.

Status: Completed

You can now mention other people in Teams, read more about how to do that in our latest blog post:

Flow Staff

Hi - We identifyed an issue where some users were not seeing this feature. We are correcting this issue and it should be fixed for all users by the end of the week.

Level 10

Hi @Stephen , I'm waiting the issue fixed of @ mention

Level: Powered On

How can I send @ team or @ channel ??

Level: Powered On

i try to use tag <at> for mention and didn't worked. is it still not fixed yet ?

Level: Power Up

Can we add @ general or mark important option, when we set up post a message as flow bot to a channel?


I managed to set up scheduled message to post in a channel ... But people often missed it and the msg will bump away by other conversation.


It is a very important feature for us, as we support our front line and want them to be aware of any issue that might hit them hard and create huge impact to client.