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Possibility to @mention members in MS Teams

We're about to implement Dynamics 365 Services module in order to handle customer service requests.

In order to notify my team of new tickets I want to be able to @mention them in a new message in MS Teams.


This feature isn't available as a new action.


Thanks in adv.

Status: Started

We are working with the Microsoft Teams group to enable this functionality. Thanks.

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This is very important, sometimes you can't rely on someone following the channel to get alerted to the post.

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I also need a way to do this. Mention people is one thing, i would like to @mention the whole channel

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In Ms Teams connector, you can send messages to your team channel. You can also embed HTML tags to make your message more attractive and readable for your team members. But in this connector you cannot use @ sign (Like @ Channel Name) to send notifications via Flow. It would be nice option, whenever your flow runs your message will be send to you team but also you can indicate them with @ sign.


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Is there any work on this topic ?

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Teams is the center of communication within the company.
I am eager to implement this function.

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I want to be able to tag a person or a chatbot in Team.

This way i will be able to trigger a chatbot automatic response when a flow is triggered by a button on mobile.

an example:

  1. A flow is triggered on a mobile to post on a Team channel the message @AtBot "I have a delivery for" + @textinput (john andersson)
  2. AtBot beeing mentioned will reply on the same channel with various instructions (i.e. where to deliver, who is in charge of the storage right now and so on).
  3. John andersson sees what the chatbot replyed and klnows where to get his parcel.


Difference from a normal notification is that all members of the channel can see the information provided by the chatbot.




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This is realy a must have! @mention is the only way to target a person to get notification on a mobile app!

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Love flow integrations with Teams but REALLY need @mention capabilties for both people and channels. thanx!

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Please implement this very useful idea

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Well worth impletmenting this.