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Possibility to @mention members in MS Teams

We're about to implement Dynamics 365 Services module in order to handle customer service requests.

In order to notify my team of new tickets I want to be able to @mention them in a new message in MS Teams.


This feature isn't available as a new action.


Thanks in adv.

Status: Completed

You can now mention other people in Teams, read more about how to do that in our latest blog post:

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Not sure if I am doing it the wrong way. But it seems that the <at></at> doesnt seem to work.

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@Stephen thanks for the link, but how do you @mention the whole team? Or a channel? Thanks.

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I have also tried getting the channel email and using that as part of the message (enclosed in the <at>...</at> tag per the article) but it didn't work.

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@Stephen would you mind letting us know if it is indeed working?

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Kindly re-tag this post as Pending as it is not yet Completed.