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Provide a method of organising Flows

Working with flows is very messy if you are working on a batch of flows that contribute to one task.  A system of being able to tag flows or put them in folders would allow you to work more seamlessly on specific flow groups.

Status: Completed

You can now organize your flows into solutions. Solutions are like tags or folders. They are like folders in that they can contain flows, plus they can contain other assets like PowerApps, CDS entities etc.... They are also like tags in that a single flow can be in more than one solution - so your not tied to one strict heirarchy. The new Solutions tab is available for any envirnomnet that has CDS enabled. Read more here:

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try Flow Studio (new URL) for some immediate relief
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Any update on this? Surely a folder system could be released asap?

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Need a mechanism to group Flows or tag where users will be able to manage their workflows easily when they have lots of workflows.


Appreciate if you could build this in near future since this is not a hard implementation Smiley Happy 

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I agree with the suggestion to try Flow Studio -- it's a free third-party tool that offers a number of cool new ways to organize, filter and examine your Flows. It's a growing product that gets continual love from the developer. I've been using it for a few months now.

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Or the ability to create "folders" as well...  Either way, would love the ability to sort what Flows I want to show where.  Some of mine are test, some are production, etc, but no way to organize them.


The grouping idea is great as well, as often there are multiple Flows that are used together within an application or other business function, and would be good to have a way to visually group these and identify this (folders could also achieve this).