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Provide a real method of organizing Flows

Currently, we cannot sort nor organize flows in any way I could find. It makes flows very difficult to manage.
Thank you.

The idea of having a way of organizing flows has already been submitted and closed as "completed" (read link:

Unfortunately, the solution provided does not seem to answer the community needs, therefore I am reopening it again.
Tagging here users who commented recently on the first link, please vote: 
@ksteelbaron , @asdfaf4 , @grovercorner2 , @ctyst , @OlafStetzer , @JoshMohr , @Murderbot , @rjhale 

Status: New
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Totally agree, the "Solution" solution is anything but fullfilling user needs.

Give the possibility to add columns to the Flow overview incl. views with grouping like in SharePoint

Level: Powered On

Very frustrating they believe this is "completed"... we have so so many flows that need some sort of grouping method!


please hurry up ms....