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Publishing Approval Flow

A team is collaborating on a policy document, the site has the publishing feature enabled.  The document the team is collaborating on is in Draft state, when the team feels the document is ready, they will publish the document.  This action will trigger a Publishing Approval Flow, if Approved by the Approver Group the document is Published and a Major version is set.  If Rejected te document remains in Draft state.

Status: Completed
Level: Powered On

Yes please.  This would be very helpful as we need this for 3 different scenarios.  We do have a workaround but it requires 4 different flows to run and isn't very efficient.  Does Microsoft have an update on this?

Flow Staff
Status changed to: Completed

You can now set content approval status in SharePoint:

Super User

So.. we can SET the Content Approval Status (thank you) but how can we READ the Content Approval Status?