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Read-Only Twitter Connector in default DLP

Using our normal environments from my Azure internal subscription, it appears that there is no way to use the template below which creates a Flow which uses Twitter data together with Power BI and Text Analytics since they are in separate DLP (data loss prevention) groups - Twitter is setup as “No Business Data Allowed”. It appears that this DLP is set by default and cannot be changed.


So I found that I can go to to create my own M365 tenant that does not have a default DLP which puts Twitter in a separate DLP group. When I use that environment then the template below works fine. But this is a hassle to have to do this for a demo.


I understand the concern over folks creating Flows that might POST internal business data out to Twitter. But I think we should consider creating a READ-ONLY Twitter connector which can go in the “Business Data Only” group so the template below can work for our Azure internal accounts. Because Twitter is a great data source to use for customer demos that it would be nice to make that as easy for our folks as possible.


Status: New
Level: Power Up

This is the Flow template I am referring to:Twitter Template.PNG