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SharePoint Choice List Missing

I wanted to create a flow that would change the "Status" field from 'Active' to 'Filed' once the user puts in an Issue End Date (because the status field is not on the power app form). However, the Status Field (which is a choice list with 2 choices: Active and Filed) was not available in the Update Item fields in the flow.


Is that intentional? I knew we couldn't use managed meta-data or people fields, but didn't hear anything about choice fields not being available for update.


Thank you in advance,


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Yes you can see the fields available within a condition in this screenshot.  Can you try a different list to see if you have the same issue?flowSharepointNewItem2.PNG

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Looks like it's now working, but only when I flip from one list to another, and then back.

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@KeremY is there any update on this issue?

I'm trying to create a flow that creates a list item in one list based off of the content submitted in a different list;

I'm still not seeing the option to include content from Choice, People or Group, or Calculated columns populating in the Flow.

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Any update?

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I hope the feature will allow the users to freely update the "Choice" column in the Custom List by using Flow. Below the reference, a workaround is described that the user can be used a simple string field instead.

- Title: Release notes
- URL:
- Description:Flows can't write to Lookup, Choice, People and Groups, and Taxonomy fields in SharePoint lists. We recommend using a simple string field until this is corrected.

By the way, we assume that this workaround has a possibility for the inconsistency of data. To avoid this matter, I hope the feature will be improved enables updating to the "Choice" column in the Custom List via Flow in the near future.