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SharePoint Choice List Missing

I wanted to create a flow that would change the "Status" field from 'Active' to 'Filed' once the user puts in an Issue End Date (because the status field is not on the power app form). However, the Status Field (which is a choice list with 2 choices: Active and Filed) was not available in the Update Item fields in the flow.


Is that intentional? I knew we couldn't use managed meta-data or people fields, but didn't hear anything about choice fields not being available for update.


Thank you in advance,


Status: Completed
Level: Powered On

Any update on when this idea will be completed?

Level: Powered On

An update would be appreciated. I believe May was mentioned as being a possibility, but now it is almost into July.


Thank you.

Flow Staff

Hi folks, this is actively in development. We are working on ironing out some issues before rollling this out. 

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Should absolutely be enabled for choice columns that allow custom entries at a minimum.

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Is it possible to add a "Current" option when using the Get Item(s)/list, Update Item/List Delete Item, Create Item etc.


Example Update Item requires


  1. Site Address
  2. List Name
  3. ID



Can we get a tickbox says "Use Current" that would automatically use the current item or list if required?