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SharePoint Files - all fields not just a few

When working with the Flow SharePoint File connector (On File Create), I notice it is very limited as to the "fields" available.


In SharePoint, we often create new metadata fields for our libraries - like Customer, Value, Assigned To, and so on.


I tried making a Flow such that as a Salesman adds a new Proposal to SharePoint (Word doc format), it would create a Microsoft CRM Opportunity to track it.  However, not enough data is available from the SharePoint file metadata to add to the Opportunity.


Specifically, SharePoint files have Created Date/By, Modified Date/By, but these aren't available in Flow.  In additon, we have added Customer (text field) and Quoted Value (Number field) to the document library in order to capture the meta-data and show it in the SharePoint view.  I want to add these to the Opportunity.


The SharePoint List connector grabs all the fields/meta-data - the Files connector does not.

Status: Completed

Hello - this feature is now available. You can read more about it here:

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I am also very interested.pls. can you post some more sentences about workaround?

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It appears that any lookup fields, radio button, checkboxes or defined list (drop down boxes) fields which are included in my list are not presented as an option for creating a new list in SharePoint using Flow. This is keeping me from being able to use Flow completly. I am still using it to trigger the creation of an item but then a workflow will be used to fill in the rest of the items. It would be great to do all of this in Flow.

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I need this. was a work around ever achieved? 

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Currently Custom Columns from Doc libraries are not available as dynamic content in Flow, and at the same time there is no ability to connect to another Sharepoint List.


It would be great if it was possible to connect to more than one List and Doc library and to "join" them or atleast have an ID column to pick data from either the doc library or list. In this way it would be possible to attach a Doc to an approval e-mail and at the same time be able to update rows in lists based on the outcome of the approval e-mail.


It would open up so many use cases for Flow and PowerApps, both are fantastic products that just need little touches like this to make them that much more capable.


Level: Powered On

It would be very helpful if we have this feature OOTB.

As of today the only way to achieve this is to use SharePoint Designer Worfklow to extract the data (First/Last Name or Email from Outlook)