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SharePoint Files - all fields not just a few

When working with the Flow SharePoint File connector (On File Create), I notice it is very limited as to the "fields" available.


In SharePoint, we often create new metadata fields for our libraries - like Customer, Value, Assigned To, and so on.


I tried making a Flow such that as a Salesman adds a new Proposal to SharePoint (Word doc format), it would create a Microsoft CRM Opportunity to track it.  However, not enough data is available from the SharePoint file metadata to add to the Opportunity.


Specifically, SharePoint files have Created Date/By, Modified Date/By, but these aren't available in Flow.  In additon, we have added Customer (text field) and Quoted Value (Number field) to the document library in order to capture the meta-data and show it in the SharePoint view.  I want to add these to the Opportunity.


The SharePoint List connector grabs all the fields/meta-data - the Files connector does not.

Status: Completed

Hello - this feature is now available. You can read more about it here:

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Kindly include this feature

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Another workaround, valid only to update custom columns metadata:

Hope this helps

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+1 from me. This is absolutely basic functionality if you want to update the metadata of a file present in a library. A simple approval flow on a document seems to be only possible by using a workaround to 'get items' from the document library, and I just spent an hour to get that workaround to work (needless to say: I failed with errors ranging from 'Bad Gateway' to 'Bad filter request'.
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Something really strange happens concerning this problem. If you had "Get Item" step, then a "Create Item" step, you have access to the ID of the file created. But it is not offered in the step "Get Item" !

Also the ID is not at all an ID, this is the result after the creation of the item (last step) : 



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