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Show full path in Dynamic Content

There are a number of times when I get items from an API where there are many values with the same name just each under a different section/object.


For example if I do an API call to Azure Devops there are number of different links in the response. Each link has it's own object and within each object each link is noted under the parameter 'href'.


When looking at the dynamic content window for this API call this is what I see:



It would be very useful if the full path of each item could be added to this window.


This is relevant really for any value received via API and not just those with repeating names. Many times a certain value will be embedded in an object where the object has a particular name but the text value will just be called 'value' and this is all that will be displayed in the dynamic criteria section.




Status: New
Level 8

At the very minimum the full path of each item should be displayed when hovering over each value (in the same way that it is when an item of dynamic content is added to an action)