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Start Flow from Flow passing parameter

There are ways to start a flow from Powerapps, passing parameters.

It's a shame we don't have the same for starting flows from within flows.

This would make it really easy to start using flows as "functions" that can be reused.


Currently, I find myself reproducing parts of flows in several "copies" of the flow.

A (simple) example?

Suppose I create a logging SP list for seeing all the changes some of my important flows actually perform (this could be for debugging or for other reasons). I have to reproduce all the parameters of this "create item" step time and again, while I would love to just abstract it away in a flow called log_entry that I just pass some parameters to (the actual info to log).


Obviously this has the added advantage of better maintainability (if there is an error in my logic or if I want to change the way it works, I just have to make the change in one place).

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@Jambo1 : totally agreed ! Smiley Happy

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@Jambo1 ,


Not sure I understand the request here.  Today, you can create Flows that have an HTTP Request as a trigger.  The trigger action can take input parameters in the body.  You can also have the Flow return results using the Response action.


Though it's not a function perse, it does give you the same result, no?

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@haniel  - I agree with calling HTTP Request and I've done so.  However, it seems with the new licensing announcement, the HTTP request is becoming a premium feature.  I have heard they are going to create a new action which will allow calling another flow without doing an HTTP Request.

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Just today I inquired into the progress of such connector.  Let's hope we get it soon.