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Support for sub folders of 'OneDrive - When a file is created/modified'

I'm creating a flow that will syncrhonise between OneDrive and other cloud storage (Dropbox, OneDrive for Business, etc). Unfortunately you can only monitor a single folder at an given time, which makes it really annoying to setup a large sync structure.


Being able to monitor a root folder would be really useful.

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We would like to copy new sub-folders including all files from OneDrive to Sharepoint.

So +1 from us too.
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I agree, and I have the same issue. I needed to create one flow from Dropbox to Sharepoint. My dropbox folder contains many subfolders, and according to Microsoft Tech I needed to create a flow for each folder, which makes it very cumbersome. We need just one flow that should create/update all the files and subfolders. 

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its really useful to me, if file created or modified trigger work for sub folder.


Now i am using onedrive personal.

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Flow Staff
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This is a great idea.