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Support "Execute a SQL query" action through an on-premises data gateway

The “Execute a SQL query” action is not currently supported in Microsoft Flow using an on-premises gateway connection. 


The "Get rows" action allows users to pull records from a single table, but there is currently no way to pull records from multiple on-prem SQL tables. To avoid executing a complex query from Flow, some users have combined "Execute a stored procedure" to build a single table with "Get rows" to query it, but this workflow is also not supported with an on-premises data gateway.


Adding this functionality would create a great deal of opportunities for automation of testing and reporting on complex data structures.

Executing a Flow with this connector yields the following error:
  "message""Gateway ExecutePassThroughNativeQueryAsync\r\nclientRequestId: 0a3e8a93-45a6-4f29-ad28-d4375b6963a7",


 Flow Error.PNG


Status: New
Flow Staff

Adding @SameerCh to advise if this is planned. Thank you for your patience.

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Adding my interest

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Adding my interest here too

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Trying to find a work around but this would be huge.

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Its also annoying that I cant execute simple MySQL statements with an on-prem data gateway.