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Sync google calendar to outlook calendar

I want to sync google calendar to outlook calendar using Ms flow 

Status: New
Level: Power Up

This is an important issue because there are many people with iPhones who use Outlook and Outlook Calendar on this phone and also Google Calendar on their desktop. I have asked for some smart ideas because Outlook calendar will not automatically show as an entry on Google Calendar. this is because there is no Google Calendar functionality to share an Outlook calendar.
1. Write a "Flow" which pings the Outlook entry to Google Calendar. Well this works nicely but ends up with duplicate entries on the iPhone Outlook Calendar.
2. Write a "Flow" which also allows entries in Outlook calendar (OC) to be edited and then to change a Google Caledar (GC) entry. This may be tricky.
3. Ask Google to allow GC to share OC by writing a bit of script to achieve this. They used to allow calendar sharing but that was discontinued.