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Trello: New Action needed / ..when Card moved

Hi all. 


MS Flow is awasome.

After a few flows, I ned a new action for Trello.

"Trello: When a Card has moved"

Board ID

List ID


It is similar to "When a new card is added to a list" but what if you drag an existing card to the list. 

That is, what I want to trigger/detect.


best regards


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I second this. I am writing a flow that requires this functionality too. I am trying to use Trello for ticket management with Freshdesk. I'd like to mark a ticket as Resolved in Freshdesk when I move a Trello card from my "In-Progress" list to "Done".

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I am trying to move from Trello to Planner.  I want to be able to copy all of my existing Trello cards to Planner.  I was thinking moving them to a new list could trigger a flow to create a card on Planner.  I need a trigger for moving a Trello card to a Trello list.

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Would love to be able to move a card in Trello to a "Done" list/column, and then have the associated Task in Outlook also marked as "Done"/Completed.

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Yes, an action to trigger when a card is moved would be great, this to send updates to a yammer group or trigger an email when team projects are in progress would really streamline updates.

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This would be a great addition, what the point if only new cards cause an event