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Trigger flow When Item is Modified only


There is no trigger in flow when Sharepoint item is modified with specific field(s), instead of this we use when item is created or Modified with add condition after triggering the flow. Major draw back for using above mention trigger is to always trigger our flow when item is modified which may results out flow runs as they are limited. Please look into this issue ASAP. we need it badly.




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@teqs Yes I go through it and i already give approval to admin to merge my thread with already existing Thread So our Votes will merge to that thread.





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The trigger works; it works when any action is done that qualifies as a modification: file creation, edit, save. One file gets added to a Sharepoint list = 3 alerts/emails. 

One item already in the list gets opened (1st email), edited or save whilst it's open (2nd email), and saved (3rd email). 


What I'm asking for, what I'm trying to do a better job of asking for, is a Flow where the Team gets notified if a file's contents change. 

i.e. Larry, Curly, and Moe would get a notification if and only if Shemp opened a file, made an edit, and closed/saved the file. 


Here's hoping this furthers the conversation, 


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It would help a lot to have this implemented. The way it works today with the "When an item is created or modified" it always fires the flow when the item is created and you definetly do not need that. 

Even better would be to have a trigger : When an item is modified" which would fire only when when specific fields are changed. 

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There are similar suggestions. Please upvote these also.


Trigger on specific column and this idea includes "only trigger on edit":


Also to prevent self triggering:


Also to get previous values on modification. I think most people who need trigger on modification want to know previous values.


I hope MS include all of these together. Because all of them is a very, very similar topic. This should include provide trigger which only fires on edit, which this idea is about.

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Here's a use case for why this "trigger on modified" is so important:


In a SharePoint Library, user clicks "New Document".  The content type for this document includes, among other things, a People field called Reviewer.  This allows the submitter to enter an appropriate name of the person who will receive the Approval request.


When the document opens, Word Online saves it immediately as "Document.docx", after which the user can change the title.  But there are no options to add values for other column metadata in the library, which means the "trigger on created" has already occurred by the time the user can enter a Reviewer name or other important columns.


This is what happens when a new development team with apparently little knowledge of existing options creates a "modern" version.  "Modern" sites are full of gaping holes like this.