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Trigger flow When Item is Modified only


There is no trigger in flow when Sharepoint item is modified with specific field(s), instead of this we use when item is created or Modified with add condition after triggering the flow. Major draw back for using above mention trigger is to always trigger our flow when item is modified which may results out flow runs as they are limited. Please look into this issue ASAP. we need it badly.




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I just got out of the meeting with the MS Premier Support. They were able to duplicate the infinite loop but could not come up with a workaround. They could not explain either the reason for the Flow Production team nuking the modified trigger only to merge create or modified into one trigger. I told them that this bug has been going on for years now and it seems MS just ignored - they just apologized!


Anyway, the Premier Support team is in contact with the Flow Production team but no estimated time for a resolution.


I will inform this thread for any updates.

Level: Powered On

A must to have option in Flow.. badly needed for several flows that i am developing on..

Please make this as a priority item.