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Trigger for when an email is moved to a folder

It would be very helpful to have a trigger for when an email is moved to a specific folder.  I have an outlook server rule which tags my incoming messages with categories.  After reading them I move them to a single folder "no action required".  I have a series of client rules which I enable and manually run which check the categories and move the messages to folders for longer term archiving.  It would be nice to have a trigger so when I move the item to the folder it is a trigger for other actions.  


Thank you for the consideration.


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Please add me to the list of user who want a "when moved to Outlook folder" trigger.

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I need to create a flow that is triggered by email being moved to a specific folder to be reprocessed (because 'when new email arrives' doesn't trigger on every single email...). As I understood from your comments, if I use 'when new email arrives' with a folder that is not inbox and the user will move the email there, the flow will only be triggered if the email is 'new'? 

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We (a corporation with 20k+ users of Office 365) need this also with shared mailboxes. Today only exists "When a e-mail arrives in a shared mailbox" which disregards emails sent on dates earlier than the date they were moved to the folder.