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Trigger on SharePoint item attachments

Possibility to sent attachments of a SharePoint list item as email attachment


Trigger to check If someone added/modified a list item attachments and then to get the files sent as email.

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I really need the ability to send an E-mail with the attachment(s) added when a new SharePoint list item (containing attachments) is created using Microsoft Flow.
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So after reading different forum posts and seeing that you are not able to send email attachments directly from a list item. I found a workaround to send the list item attachment as an email. It will just require a little work. 

  1. The first thing you will need is a folder in a sharepoint site. 
  2. Upload all the files that you will be sending into that folder. 
  3. Now in your flow follow the steps below.

What is happening is flow will now use the attachment "Display Name" as a reference within the sharepoint site folder. Once flow finds it within the folder, you can now use its ID to use the action "Get file content".

It will fail if the name of the attachment is different from the name in the folder. 


This is just a workaround until Microsoft actually adds the option to send attachments directly from the item. 


Super User

This can already be done. There a feww steps needed but in short.


Get attachment content and then add then use the  content to create the attachment on the approval action.



Level 8

I suppose a trigger "When the attachment of an item is modified in the sharepoint list" is helpful when you have a list with attachment inside and want to know if that attachment is changed during the life of the list.