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Undo Option for Flow

An Undo Option would be very useful.  I'm new to Flow and Powerapps.  I had a powerapp that was functioning about 80%, made a few changes to get the other 20% and now I've screwed it up.  Undoing my last steps would have at least put me back at the 80% mark.  

Status: Under Review

Thanks for the idea, this would be very helpful!

Level: Powered On

@kenny1Nope! Welcome to the Flow Early Access Beta! Don't worry though there are plenty of MVPs to tell you about "easy" workarounds like creating a new "save as" of your Flow every time you change something, leading to a junked up mess of Flows in your list because guess what else? No folders or ways to organize the Flows either.

Level: Power Up

Agree on this - particularly on the ability to undo a just-added Apply to Each block that wasn't intended. 

Level: Power Up

Just broke a Flow > Only to find out there is no undo or versioning. Lesson learnt > saved copies of all Flows in a off state.

Please Flow Team add undo and versioning. Flow is a good tool thanks for the hard work guys :-)