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When a candidate accepts a job offer in the D365 for Talent > Offer application, it would be good to be able to generate an email to the hiring manager related to the particular job, as defined in Talent > Attract > Job setup > Hiring team > Hiring manager.

For some processes it would help if you could feed the approval step with rejection reason. for example when you want to generate a report of rejection reasons it migth be better to offer the approver a list of options. This is currently not possible.


This could be either by supplying the list of options within the configuration of the action, but also a lookup to a SharePoint list or CDS could be a good way forward. 

 Would be helpful to have this same choice to change the send from (Send as) option in the Send email with options action.

Trigger for when a Planner task changes buckets

Status: New
by maarteneekels 4 weeks ago - last edited 4 weeks ago

I would love to see a trigger in Flow for when a Planner task changes from one bucket to another.

Disable Event Firing when Flow updates a SharePoint list item

Status: New
by Super User ‎03-21-2018 06:47 AM - edited ‎03-21-2018 07:00 AM

Add a feature that will allow flow to disable event firing when updating a SharePoint list item, so that the Flow doesn't get stuck in a loop. Currently if I create a flow with a SharePoint list trigger when item is created or modified and have the Flow update a field in the item the loop gets stuck in a loop. One workaround is to add logic to check if the field(s) still need to be updated and if not then don't update the item but even in that case the flow will be triggered twice. It just makes sense to have an option that will allow Flow to update an item without triggering an event that will cause the same Flow or another Flow to run against the item again.

Hello it will be nice to have this option as I'm looking for this scenario:


1) I will have OneNote page with notes from meeting, that is perfect tool and alredy used this way. 

2) During meeting I will create some notes and some of this notes I will mark as to-do.

3) When meeting finished I would like to be able to trigger Flow that will create tasks in Planner bucket from to-do marked rows in OneNote. For me the best option will be to have it as manual trigger as I can choose if I want to split tasks to Team or not. So no need to trigger this automatically.

4) I will receive notifiaction with link to bucket that there are tasks to be assigned


This will save my day, my time and I beleive that many of others are looking for such great tool to work smarter and better Smiley Happy



Hi team,


So here is the thing: when we approve something more frequently than we thought we need more information being handled by the approver that outlines the approval context.


Some examples

  • When you require an approval that require to assign a resource
  • When you need to restrict the approval to a condition or parameter
  • To avoid re-start an approval process because the object of approval is immutable 

So, i.e. if I could modify and retrive more information (other than the comments and Approve/Reject flag) such Persons, Numbers, Option Selection, etc. I could ask for approval and yet other information valuable to the process.


Is it possible for you guys add support to modify / custom fields to the approval form?


Thanks, Ed.


It would be graet to be able to manage planner triggers related to a task's checklist. For example:

Trigger when a new item is created in a check list

Trigger when an item is deleted in a check list

Trigger when an item is marked in a check list

... etc.

Create a trigger for SharePoint list columns

Status: New
by julieann on ‎02-08-2018 07:43 AM

It would be nice to have a trigger if a certain column in a SharePoint list is modified. For example, if the column "Status" is modified, or if the column "Assigned To" is populated. So we don't have to use the trigger "When an item is created or modified", where you have to create a lot of workaround conditions just to make sure that the column that was updated is what you need. 

Provide a method of organising Flows

Status: Planned
by tre4B on ‎02-06-2018 07:07 AM

Working with flows is very messy if you are working on a batch of flows that contribute to one task.  A system of being able to tag flows or put them in folders would allow you to work more seamlessly on specific flow groups.

Status: Planned

We are planning on adding ways to group flows together so that you don't have to deal with one giant list of Flows.

Flow not able to update properties in SharePoint when a user has opened the document

Status: New
by RaymondPeters ‎04-26-2018 01:47 AM - edited ‎04-26-2018 02:10 AM

Dear MS Flow,


In office documents in SharePoint we are able to co-edit documents with multiple users, but when we want to update the document SharePoint properties/ metadata when a user has opened the document in Office online or in the Client the Flow gives the error that the document is locked for editing. 


We would like to see that Flow is able to update the SharePoint columns/ properties/ metadata when the document is opened by a user.


Kind Regards,


Link to original question https://powerusers.microsoft.com/t5/I-Found-A-Bug/Send-Email-with-Options-Formatting/m-p/109505#M210...


(The following is also present in Logic Apps which is where I originally found the issue before replicating in Flow)


When using the Send Email with Options action, if using more than 2 options the formatting in the sent email is a little odd. It would be good to have more control over how these options display i.e. stacked vertically/horizontally etc


2018-04-23_102602.pngEmail with 2 options


2018-04-23_102644.pngEmail with 3 options

With hundreds of different flows, some of them being on hold for 30 days and disappear, some of them with some errors, some used a lot and some used very rarely.... we badly need some enterprise-wide visibility and insights.


Can Microsoft release a Power BI content pack for Flow?

Make it so that on approvals, approver comments are an option that can be turned off or on.

Undo Option for Flow

Status: New
by boydsi Monday

An Undo Option would be very useful.  I'm new to Flow and Powerapps.  I had a powerapp that was functioning about 80%, made a few changes to get the other 20% and now I've screwed it up.  Undoing my last steps would have at least put me back at the 80% mark.  

To help in various construction projects, and possibly for forestry projects, an auto extract of metadata particularly the GPS locations will be very helpful.


The idea was to automate the system to recognise images take on certain locations and uploaded into cloud, or even as an attachment to email, planner etc. With the location tags, we will be able to further separate these images to certain folder/projects/email title.

I want to copy only "action" and use it when you want to change function only with similar Flow and use it

I have many flows and they get initiated many times during the day. When I am managing the flows and try to solve some issues it is very hard to find the flow instance I am looking for because the display is in Time Ago instead of a datetime. It makes it a lot more confusing especially when trying to solve problems with flows in the past as all of them will just show generic "One week ago" and you can not tell which date it was. I often know the exact time I need to find but because the display is in Time Ago I need to go into every single one until I find the required on.




Solution: I think the best solution would be to have an option for date display, Show actual datetime or Show Time Ago which we could switch between.


THis would be huge Quality of Life improvement for me and I think other developers as well.

Modified trigger should give previous values for fields changed

Status: New
by Pieter_Veenstra ‎02-28-2018 05:01 AM - edited ‎02-28-2018 05:19 AM

When triggering a Flow on the modification of a list item then it should be possile to get the current and previous values of the fields that were changed. 


Multi Select in Sharepoint List and Run Flow!

Status: New
by zolle04 on ‎04-18-2018 05:25 AM

It's great that I can go to a sharepoint list, select an item and 'run flow' and choose my custom flow.


I would like to take it to the next level though- I want to be able to select multiple items fromt he list to 'run flow' - today, when I select more than one item in the list, my "Flow" option disappears from the menu.




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