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I've started using Approval Flows and noticed that there is no option to manually escalate an Approval, only way to do that currently is via time-out.


Also it would be useful to have more than just the "Approve" and "escalate" options i.e. a third could easily be "Escalate" or whatever the Flow requires.


I also looked at the Outlook Office 365 Flow and while that allows you to have more than the "Approve" and "Reject" options, there is no option to add Comments.


So we're left with two unstaisfactory options i.e. use a Flow that allows comments, or use a Flow that has more than the "Approve", "reject" option.

I'd like a trigger in Planner when a task moves either right or left.  This will allow me to do any number of cool things, but in particular I'd like to send an e-mail with the contents of the task (e.g., status, comments, dates, etc.).

The run-as feature can only be used with selected item SharePoint flows, button flows and Dynamics 365 flows, but not with HTTP request flows. This is a real limitation:

1.if we want nested flows; indeed a good practice in general is to create resusable workflows and to do so in Microsoft Flow we have to implement HTTP request based flows that should run with the user context: but today if the caller flow is a run as flow starting with the for a selected item action, the sub flows cannot get the context. 

2. we can create (sharepoint) custom action flows (without the for a selected item action) visible in the SharePoint list, but they cannot be shared with lambas users, only with owners. That is annoying.


Change the trigger

Status: New
by simonjhudson 2 weeks ago

As far as I can tell, it isn't possible to change the Trigger step for a different Trigger.

Often we build a flow, then find the intial condition isn't correct (we need a SharePoint created or modified, not just created, for example. Or we need to switch a flow from SharePoint to OneDrive.) If it's a sophisticated Flow then rebulding it from the top is incredibly tedious and prone to mistakes.


So please provide a mechanism to chage the trigger condition in the flow for a completly different trigger condition. 

We have identified many uses  of Yammer tagging to flag relevant posts. Yammer can be noisy, but certain messages/posts are very insightful.   We want telemetry and analytics on Yammer tags as well as other automation options for Power BI and CRM integration. We'd like to use flow to help automate this process. Using Flow to move data (tags) from Yammer to CRM automatically will dramatically reduce data entry workloads for Yammer users.


I would like a trigger for planner when a task is moved to a specific bucket, so that I can take action on certain buckets.

The “Execute a SQL query” action is not currently supported in Microsoft Flow using an on-premises gateway connection. 


The "Get rows" action allows users to pull records from a single table, but there is currently no way to pull records from multiple on-prem SQL tables. To avoid executing a complex query from Flow, some users have combined "Execute a stored procedure" to build a single table with "Get rows" to query it, but this workflow is also not supported with an on-premises data gateway.


Adding this functionality would create a great deal of opportunities for automation of testing and reporting on complex data structures.

Executing a Flow with this connector yields the following error:
  "message""Gateway ExecutePassThroughNativeQueryAsync\r\nclientRequestId: 0a3e8a93-45a6-4f29-ad28-d4375b6963a7",


 Flow Error.PNG


indeed the content of an apply to ech is still opaque, we cannot see the properties of an action


Trigger for new item in planner

Status: Completed
by InterestedBloke on ‎07-27-2017 03:51 AM

It'll be useful to have some Triggers for tasks in Planner, not just actions that are executed based on triggers from elsewhere.


Potential triggers:

  • When a new task is created
  • When a task is assigned to you
  • When a task is put in a category
  • Etc.



Status: Completed

Triggers for Planner are now available, read more here: https://flow.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/planner-triggers-connector-improvements/

Office 365 Group email Trigger

Status: New
by VikVerma on ‎11-06-2017 03:47 PM

Trigger a flow when an email is sent to an Office 365 group mailbox.

This will be helpful to:

- Save attachments sent to a group to team document library or one drive (something like incoming emails on SharePoint on prem)

- Automate creation of events based on email sent to a group mailbox

I'm looking for a way to quickly approve multiple items. So I'm thinking about an option to select multiple pending approvals and take batch actions e.g. approve all my selected pending approvals.


A mockup regarding a possible changed user Flow Approval interface with the "Selected Items Approve / Reject" bulk action:

Flow with checkboxes.png

Resubmit multiple failed flow runs at once

Status: New
by maarteneekels ‎10-02-2017 04:38 AM - edited ‎10-02-2017 04:40 AM

I love the "resubmit" feature! But... wouldn't it be nice to be able to resubmit multiple Flow runs at once? Here's an example of a Flow of which one of the connections has expired:



After updating my Connection, I would like to rerun all of these failed Flows. Now I have to click the > sign, resubmit, go back to the list, remember which failed Flow I clicked last, click the next one, resubmit, etc.


Would be great if I could just select multiple failed Flows and click a resubmit button from right here.

Currently I'm receiving Flow approvals via email inside the Windows 10 action center.

In Windows 10 I can take direct action on incoming items, e.g. delete or archive an email. The same way I just want to approve an approval notification shown in the Windows 10 action center.


A mockup is shown in the following picture:

Flow Approve request using Windows 10 notification in the action center.png

Publishing Approval Flow

Status: New
by remenator 3 weeks ago - last edited 3 weeks ago by Community Manager

A team is collaborating on a policy document, the site has the publishing feature enabled.  The document the team is collaborating on is in Draft state, when the team feels the document is ready, they will publish the document.  This action will trigger a Publishing Approval Flow, if Approved by the Approver Group the document is Published and a Major version is set.  If Rejected te document remains in Draft state.

Currently only the owners of a flow are able to run it, this is a huge this advantage, this means only the people that is creating and modifying the flow are the only people that is able to use it.


I'm aware about the sharing option for the button triggered flows, however, I'm talking about all the other triggers, the ones that work based certain thing changing or something new being added to the platform, the kind of things are actually worthy to automate.


Image a simple scenario, there is a SharePoint Library where an approval process must run when any internal user with access to the library creates a new document, surprinsily, even that users have the proper license for MS Flows, the flow is not triggered, only the flows owners are able to run it.


For sure the previous example can handled by using the classic workflows, however, this is about of evolving, taking advantage of new technologies and opening the door for new possibilities.


I don't understand why this extremely elementary functionality was not included in the first place.

This would be incredibly useful as there is currently no reporting ability. Adding a connector would allow to do things like, send a weekly report to the boss about activity, etc.

Planner update function additions

Status: New
by tre4bax on ‎11-06-2017 03:29 AM

It would be good to have an option within the planner update that allows a change of bucket and a change in status.  This could then be used to automate the bucket in relation to external events.   Useful if using buckets for managing types of task. 


i.e. on completion all tasks could be moved to a completed bucket 

Flow provides a feature to perform content approval via Mobile App or Email, however, it cannot update the "Approval status" field back to the list.  This is great if we could have this feature because it will virtually lock the item from updating again, or it will require to be re-approved.

Would like to add a checklist to the tasks added in planner using Flow. Planner tasks are created with Flow but a checklist with the task would be helpful. Such as:


  Onboard New Associate


  Create Personnel File

  Add to Time Clock

  Add to Benefits Register


At this time (2017 Dec 05th), Return Value of Sharepoint List GetItem Lookup field id which is empty equals to null.

When a flow wrote the return value back to the original ListItem, it cause an error.

Only Number is allowed to write to lookup field.

If I want to set lookup field empty, writeback value has to be '0', not 'null'.

All return values of sharepoint list getitem should be able to writeback to original listitem without any transform.

So, return Value of Sharepoint list getItem lookup field id which is empty should be '0', not 'null'.




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