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In SharePoint Designer we can set any field value from different list Field(Set Field  in current list Action in workflow) if we have any common column both list,


So how can we do the same in "MS FLOW" 

In short i want to set any filed from any other list Field  if we have any common filed value which present in both list


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I want to the paper size parameter on OneDrive's Create file action for create PDF file from Excel file.

My scenario.

Create a PDF file from Excel file on OneDrive for Business.
to A4 portrait size.



The 'Create file' action of OneDrive for business can NOT select the paper size.



I would like to receive all mails (or limited by a filter query) from a certain folder in a shared mailbox (Outlook 365).

in General: I think all functions that are possible for personal mailboxes should also be available for shared mailboxes.


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Hey all and thank you for reading this. I have searched and did not find anything and I think this could be a great addition to Flow. Imagine that you are getting RSS feeds weekly, by getting them automatically you could get ideas for new projects or improving existing projects due to limitations or functionalities that where not there at that time and so on, would be great in my opinion to be able to get RSS feed for the latest releases for Flow & PowerApps Smiley Very Happy


I mean getting the content of these 2 webpages:




Thank you in advance for considering this, and if you feel this should be available, VOTE all you nice people!

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Currently Flow can only post a new Teams message, but what if we want to reply and keep a single thread for a particular topic from the same Flow (or maybe another Flow)  This cannot be done currently.

Outlook365 - folder of a mail

Status: New
by CRo Wednesday

I would like to be able to check in which folder a mail resides, so that I can track how the mail is moved through different folders (we have folders for todo, done etc.).


Another option would be to have a trigger "when a mail is moved" or "when a mail is changed" which could additionally include flags, delete, folder etc.


All of this should be useable in a personal mailbox as well as a shared mailbox.

Ok, so I've got this beautiful approval flow build (including a very nice PowerApp) however there is one action I want it to do that would make it amazing.


Currently, the frontline raises a request which goes to their leaders as an approve/reject email.

Once the leader selects approve/reject it triggers an email to the agent that raised the request and updates the sharepoint item status.


What I want is to have that approval or rejection email attached to the original sharepoint item when its sent.

Given the flow is creating the email etc (as part of the approval process) it already has an "Notify the requestor" option and an "Update Sharepoint Item" option, I want an "attach approval email to sharepoint item" option.


I'd like to see Flow able to do the following:


Recognise when a single column value (document property) is updated so that an action can be initiated, if this value is not changed and the file updated, the flow will perform another action e.g. nothing (currently Flow will only recognise when an item as a  whole is modified or created).


Recognise when a SharePoint file has been published as a MAJOR version, as opposed to a minor version, again so that action can be taken or ignored depending on the parameters of the flow.



I have created a flow that extracts every possible content from the complete email (e.g - Email id , Subject , Senders Name etc) coming at our group id , and using those entries to create a record inside a custom entity that is created inside dynamics 365 ,

The Challenge we are facing is that the mails that are received in HTML Templates in a image like format that consist of hyperlinks that are directed to the main content we need , We tried using softwares like Parser but it does not ork properly as content is not stable inside the mail body , So we ere thinking of using web resource option option available inside entity , but there is no option in flow to create or update that field , We just want the Body of such mails to reflect in a field in dynamics 365 so that we can manage it from there

When working a lot with (multiple) flows, this is a must to prevent unnecessary versions (when version management ever will be implemented it would also save Microsoft in storage capacity).


When saving the Flow it is shown at the top:


But when finished saving, nothing is shown to let me know (after a while) that the last changes were saved so I just save it again to be sure.


The notification that leaving this page would lose my changes (even after just saving or not even changing anything)


just fuels my insecurity if saved it or not Smiley Wink


Some kind of status about the edit-status of the Flow (like in PowerApps) that is always checkable would be nice.

Example = 


So I'm not requesting about full version management with a distinction between saved and publised (I expect this to be another request with a lot of votes somewhere out there) but just a quick win about the current save-status.



It would be nice if Flow would support on-premise Active Directory like it supports already on-premise SQL Server.


I'm sure this would help multiple organizations to automate their HR and IT routine tasks (new employees, leaving employees, etc.).


Best regards,

Toni Rantanen

I'm looking to update a Microsoft Form choice question to be based on a smartsheet, so that whenever the smartsheet is updated (the trigger) the choices in the form are updated. Reason for this is, the choice selection is quite large and changes frequently, with the changes being maintained within a Smartsheet, currently it is time consuming and double handling to update the smartsheet and any dependant Forms..


So my flow so would go:



When a sheet is updated (using Smartsheet connection(this part is currently doable))



Update Microsoft Form Choice question (with the data in the column I specify(this part is not doable))

I am trying to automate a solution where I am triggering off an email I get from an automated service. The email is alway From noreply@example.com but the Reply To email address is my customers email address. I want to be able to select Reply To as dynamic content.

Currently the Sharepoint Flow integration button does not appear in the button bar if the user does not have edit permission on the viewed List or Library.  This prevents the ability to starting a read-only flow that uses data from a selected item (e.g. "Add to reference list"), but does not write.


This restriction doesn't seem to be necessary, and should be removed.

Error Detection Idea.pngError Detection at every stage



1. For every stage in flow we should have a separate "check for Errors" option

2. Benefits:

                 a. check and move forward appraoch will ensure 99% correct appraoch.

                 b. error will be detected at correct stage, user do not have to scan from top to bottom the entire flow.

                 c. Time Saving and user friendly.

3. Reason:

          a. in image shown above i am not able to make out the stage where the error is occuring.

          b. As a user it is frustating.

4. Solution:

           a. Provide a option as shown in image to check every stage for error "Check Stage for Error"


Hope for a Response.



Chandrashekhar Kumawat

Emerson, Pune, India. 

I just spend 30 minutes trying to find out where the output of one action is used in my large flow.  Still cannot find it.  Instead of just telling "cannot delete, it's being used", tell me which actions the ouput is being used.





When viewing the run-log for a failed flow, it would be really helpful to tag or highlight the parameter causing the error in the step that failed - perhaps change the background colour to red, or put a pop-up user-friendly description of the error on an error icon against the parameter.


Having to hunt through JSON code when you don't really know what you should be looking for is very chancy.


Also, putting out error codes like "502 badgateway" is a bit meaningless - why is it a badgateway?  Is that a transient or permanent error, and what do I need to do to fix it?


This type of error message looks just like the error codes we used to get out of IBM Assembler 360 40 years ago... surely you can do better than that, Microsoft?

Some services on Office 365 such as Flow or Power Apps will be restricted when the IP restriction is set for other services. We need to allow IPs manually with hundreds of settings for those Office 365 services, and this setting is related to AD and this setting increase workload for users.


Since I have heard that SharePoint and Dynamics relations are enhanced like users are able to customize SharePoint forms on PowerApps, it will be very helpful if some preset setting will be added such as “Allow access to Power Apps and Flow or Allow access all services of Office 365 when users manage the IP restriction for SharePoint and OneDrive for business.


Thank you for your considerations.

I have a Flow set up to add items to a SharePoint list and a Planner, however, I'd like the option of being able to trigger an update of the SharePoint list if that item is updated in Planner (i.e. date due), but unable to do this as there's no trigger option for when an existing task is being updated, only when a new task is created.

Create a trigger for SharePoint list columns

Status: New
by julieann on ‎02-08-2018 07:43 AM

It would be nice to have a trigger if a certain column in a SharePoint list is modified. For example, if the column "Status" is modified, or if the column "Assigned To" is populated. So we don't have to use the trigger "When an item is created or modified", where you have to create a lot of workaround conditions just to make sure that the column that was updated is what you need. 

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