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move email to folder in shared mailbox after flow runs

Once the flow has run upon receipt of an email in a shared mailbox, would like to be able to move the email to a folder within shared folder or mark it as something other than read.

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Having same issue.  Processing emails in a shared mailbox, however when i go to move into a "Processed" folder it onlys hows mailbox of my account, not the mailbox of the shared mailbox I am working in.

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I would also like the option to move emails to folders in a shared area

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Hi - I'd like this too!

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I had the same problem, but I found a work around. Create a "when a new email arrives in a shared mailbox" trigger. Choose the folder you want to move the email to, "peek" the code, and copy the folder ID. It will look like the line below. 




Once you have the ID, simply paste it into the folder name of the move email activity. Make sure you include the "Id::" and "=". 


Hope this helps!



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I can do this by using the "Move Email V2" connector. I find that when I first select the folder it brings up a list of my default mailbox. But If I go back to the trigger and search for my shared inbox (which is already the folder for my trigger) and select the Inbox folder, when I go back to the Move Email step and try and select folders, the list is now for my shared mailbox.