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App crashes after 5mins inactivity on form screen


I have created a survey app that saves to a collection so it can work offline as there is often no mobile network or wifi network available. When the user is is back in coverage the data in the collection is added to a SharePoint list.

The user filling in the survey works through the questions with a member of public, it can take 15-20 mins for the survey to be completed.  The user is saying that after 5 mins where she is not entering anything into the form (because she is having a discussion with the member of public) the app crashes, and any data she had entered into the survey is lost.  The user restarts the Power App and starts again.  It always craches after 5 mins of inactivity.

The device App is on is a Samsung Tablet S3.

Is there something I need to add to the Form screen to stop this happening?