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Bugs identified upon saving form in play mode and embedded SPO.

The app I built has a SPO list datasource of 155 items. During sample testing of a couple of the multi-line SP fields, I have identified 3 bugs that I need help to error trap:


- In both play mode and embedded SPO, new and/or updated text will be saved with some exceptions:

 1) a sample size of about 20 items in the first 100 list items were edited and saved. 

  • [Bug 1] superscript and subscript text is saved as normal text.
  • [Bug 2] once submitted, I am returned to the detail screen, but in order to see the changes made I have to go back to the gallery and come back in to the detail screen.

2) a sample size of about 15 items for the remaining 55 list items showed even more performance degradation. 

  • superscript and subscript text is saved as normal text.
  • [Bug 3once submitted, while the app still shows, it is all blank, showing no fields, but in the middle of the screen is small grey text stating:
    • SPO: "Getting your data..."
    • PowerApps play mode: "No item to display"

The onSelect property of the Edit Screen submission form is set to SubmitForm(EditForm1).

The onSuccess property of the EditForm is set to Back().