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Buttons not working in form

I have created a form with a submit button at the bottom of the form. The button is placed in a blank datacard. 

The code OnSelect is: SubmitForm(formName).


When testing this button when pressing alt or in the testing environment (of the editor) it works. However, when the app is published live it does not work and the form cannot be submitted. The button clicks but no action is executed. 


The form is always access for creating new items (via NewForm(formName)) so I am not sure why the button doesn't work in the datacard of the form in the live app. Like I said it works in the test the environment but when published it does not work! Why does it work in one environment and not the other?



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Re: Buttons not working in form


You first might want to consider moving the button out of the form itself and putting it directly on the screen.  This will avoid any issues with the form mode impacting the DisplayMode of the button as well as any responses that it might need.

If that is not helpful, then share the formula you have on the button and let's see what might be causing the issue.


Re: Buttons not working in form

Thanks for posting in the community @Shrptrts - are you still experiencing this issue? Can you review the above reply and advise if it was helpful?


Thank you,