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CDS Speed?

I'm seeing calls out to get CDS data, sometimes returning within milliseconds, sometimes returning upwards of 20 or more seconds.  This wide variation in times leads to a poor/unusable user experience.  This can't be normal, is it?


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Re: CDS Speed?

Hi Brada,


Did this happens all the time to all the CDS in you PowerApps? Would you please try to create a simple one to test?




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Re: CDS Speed?

Working in general with CDS is definitely hit or miss on response times.  For example I have a lookup table, sometimes when I click the dropdown I'll get the choices in a second, sometimes it is literally 10 seconds or more.  Out of 20 attempts, 17 were within 300-400 ms, two were at 10-12 seconds and one was 27 seconds.  This is for a lookup dropdown with 4 items in it. 


I also have a gallery, if an item is selected then I may have a button to patch one of the values in that selected item, which time varies again on the patch option.


Are there options to cache a lookup on program or screen load? Trying to see what options I can do here to cache and speed things up.  A lookup dropdown should have an option to not always need to refetch data every time.

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Re: CDS Speed?

Hi bradamson!


Can you please let me know if you're still seeing these issues? I'd like to understand where the performance problems might be occuring. If you are still hitting issues, I can reach out to individually so we can look into it.