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Change Column Being Filtered Based on DropDown Selection



I have a series of cascading dropdowns that need to determine how a table is filtered. So for Table1, let's say I have the columns ProjectNum, Owner, Location.

The first set of dropdowns are dd1 & dd1a. dd1 displays the columns available (ProjectNum, Owner, Location). dd1a will then show the distinct values in the column selected. So if dd1 = Location, then dd1a displays North, South, East, West.


The second set of dropdowns (dd2 & dd2a) will then show the remaining available columns (dd2 = ProjectNum,Owner) and the corresponding values (dd2a). dd2a is where I am running into problems. The values need to be filtered by what was selected in dd1 & dd1a. In this instance, dd2a values should be filtered by Location = North. So if Owner is selected in dd2, then distinct Owners where Location = North should be listed in dd2a. Clear as mud?


I have tried setting the value of dd1 to a variable and using that variable in a filter. UpdateContext({vCol:dd1.Selected.Value});Filter(Table1, vCol = dd1a.Selected.Value) and nothing is returned.


I have also tried Filter(Table1,dd1.Selected.Value = dd1a.Selected.Vaue) which also returns nada. I don't get error messages, I just don't get results.


So I throw myself on the mercy of you wise souls. Any ideas? Smiley Happy



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Re: Change Column Being Filtered Based on DropDown Selection

Hi @Moki,


I will try to find out a solution, would you please first tell us what is your data source? Also, what is the formulas that you used on the first set of dropdowns dd1 and dd1a?