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Date Difference excluding Weekends

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If I want to calculate difference between two dates excluding weekend(Saturday, Sunday). How to achieve this? Suggest some help.

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Re: Date Difference excluding Weekends

I think you can you use DateDiff function to do so:

- Use DateDiff with day unit > get days

- Use days to get weeks

- Multiply weeks by 2 for weekends

- Get days minus weekends

Hope it helps

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Re: Date Difference excluding Weekends

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Here is the screenshot and formulas for each line below, frankly it should be possible to simplify but I could not see how...










DateDiff(DateValue(Date1.Text, "it" ), DateValue(Date2.Text, "it" ))




Mod(DateDiff(Date(2000,1,3), DateValue(Date1.Text, "it" )),7)+1




If(CalDaysMod7.Text="0",0, If(Value(Weekday2x.Text) < 7, CalDaysMod7.Text, If(Weekday2x.Text="7", Max(CalDaysMod7.Text-1,0), CalDaysMod7.Text-Min(2,8-Weekday1.Text))))



Basically it is whole weeks*5 plus an adjustment for the extra days depending on how many week-end days they include

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Re: Date Difference excluding Weekends

Thanks for the post.It's working great!!!!!