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Level 8

Delay between Publish and Play (in Browser) showing last published version


Please be so kind as to read my full post before responding.
Thank you for your consideration.

I am currently in the midst of trying to build my first responsive layout (i.e. one App for Tablet/Phone/Landscape/Portrait) PowerApp.
I cannot actually test this PowerApp inside PowerApps Studio because expressions which depend on App.Width, App.Height appear to be fixed/replaced with App.DesignWidth, App.DesignHeight (i.e. the dimensions you set for the PowerApp in App Settings, Screen Size + Orientation) within PowerApps Studio (including the Preview with F5).
Thus, I can only Save + Publish my PowerApp and then use Play from the list of Apps in for testing (the actual Screen Size/Window size dependent parts) of my PowerApp.

However, there is inherently some sort of delay (server-side) before Play actually shows me the latest published version.
I don't know how long this takes or is supposed to take.
From simple Trial & Error, I have experienced Play showing the latest published version anytime between a dozen of seconds to a few minutes.

My questions:

  1. Is there any way to tell when Play will actually show me the latest published version?
    If I knew this, I wouldn't have to waste my time playing the older versions several times.
  2. Is there any way to shorten the time until Play shows the latest published version?
    It's not very practical to have to wait around for an unspecified amount of minutes until I can actually test any change I made to my PowerApp.

Thank you,
    Sa Wu.

Level 10

Re: Delay between Publish and Play (in Browser) showing last published version

Hi @SaWu ,

I've made a similar test and found that the delay indeed exists.

I'm afraid there's no very good way to improve this.

Our technical team is trying their best to improve this platform. I belive this situation will be better in the future.

Here are some tips that can improve the app performance for your reference:

What's more, you could try to clear the browser's cache and update it to the latest version.



Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Phoebe Liu