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Delegation - PowerApps and Sharepoint

I'm using powerapps connected to a sharepoint list. I have it set to retrieve 2000 rows from server-based connections where delegation is not supported, but the app will need to be able to handle at least 1000 more items. What can I do? I'm not using delegated functions often; here's an example: Filter(SharepointList, SearchTextBox.Text in 'Project Title' || SearchTextBox.Text in 'Description') "in" and "||" are my problems in this line. Is there a different coding approach I can take? Or is there a server-based connection where delegation is supported that I could use?

Microsoft Employee

Re: Delegation - PowerApps and Sharepoint

Hello @ankitadasgupta ,

Some connectors have a better delegation support than others. For example, SQL Server connector has a better support than the SharePoint connector.

Generally, it is not advisable to pull more than 500 records, especially if you're using non-delegable functions and also if you're planning to use your app on mobile devices that have lower resources (comparing to desktop PCs) and are on slower wireless networks. Some workarounds would be pre-filtering your data on the back end (SQL Server Views for example) or loading your data in batches of <500 rows.