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Duplicate Data Source causing issues, even after deleted

So I'm building an app for my organization to onboard new suppliers. At some point I wound up with a duplicate Data Source so that I had "Suppliers" and "Suppliers_1". No idea how or why that happened. I realized one of my forms was mixing the two sources and only updating one. So changes werent being properly displayed in the rest of the app. I deleted "Suppliers_1" from my data sources and removed the data fields that were using it. But now when I add those fields back to my form they still are trying to use the old data source "Suppliers_1"  and I'm getting the following error even though both are Two Option Data Fields:

Incompatible type. We can't evaluate your formula because the values being compared in the formula aren't the same type. 
The left value is a OptionSetValue(RAR_Supplier Site Audit(Suppliers_1)) type and the right value is a OptionSetValue(RAR_Supplier Site Audit(Suppliers)) type. 

Offending formula:
If(ThisItem.'RAR_Completed Self-Quality Survey' = 'RAR_Completed Self-Quality Survey (Suppliers)'.Yes, true, false

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Re: Duplicate Data Source causing issues, even after deleted

Hi @DroningOn ,

I've made a test and not found the problem you met.

Please check the data source that the gallery and the form is conneted with.

You should bind them with the same data source.

If the problem still exists, I suggest you rebuilt the app.

Please notice that if you have created connection with "Suppliers" , you don't need to create again. Or else, the new connection will be named "Suppliers_1". 

You could check your data source here:610_LI.jpg



Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Phoebe Liu


Re: Duplicate Data Source causing issues, even after deleted

Hi @DroningOn how are you progressing with this? Was the above reply helpful?