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Edit screen not updating on opening first time


I have SharePoint list on which I am customising the powerapps. I have created powerapps only by controls and no forms.


Now all works.. saving works.. editing works.. viewing works.. 

THE ONLY AND MAJOR ISSUE IS - when I open SharePoint list view and click one of the item to view it does not load the content in fields.. while it loads all of it when I try reopening the same list item. 


Any pointers would be helpful. 

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Re: Edit screen not updating on opening first time

Hi ST,
I don't have the exact answer but I think you will need to look in the default property of each control. It will need to reference a selected record.
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Re: Edit screen not updating on opening first time

Well, my PowerApp does not have the form (Edit or View form), but yeah, Default property is assigned the value of a collection that I am populating onVisible of a screen. So essentially it is like below-


OnVisible (of Screen) :

ClearCollect(TestCollection = SharepointIntegration.Selected)


Then on each control we have the default property set to - First(TestCollection).EmployeeId and Reset field to RField.

At the end in OnVisible property, I am also doing a Reset => UpdateContext({RField,true});UpdateContext({RField,false})


Still not working.