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Excel File Limitation

Content migrated from TechNet.  Post attribution to:  PK Hong


Support Request:

I have got the reply from Harold Kless of PG saying that Excel File Rows Limitation = 5000. Project Siena is 15,000 rows

I wish to have the support from those using Excel file (either from DropBox, OD, GD).


1. PowerApps means for Enterprise Apps. That means Data will increase pretty fast. So, if MS encourages us to use Work Mail (School Mail) to write and share apps, and instead of keep having limitation, forcing us to use SQL (which to be opened later and subscribed), then it will definitely demotivate us

2. Examples:

- We have successfully developed (to supplement current company ERP system, which is so inflexible) Tooling Control Apps, where we have 500 Molds, running 24 hours. We have ongoing maintenance activities, so on and so forth. With average 20 records / mold, within a month, we will have about 300,000 records. That means, we have to back-up and delete original records every 2 days.

- I helped School to create apps for keeping Teachers' Teaching Curriculum. Average No of Teachers / school is 30. With records stand at average 5 / teacher / day. we will create 750 records/week. That means we need to back up and delete original records every 6.7 weeks.

We are going to start using the apps with Win 10 and iPhone/iPad. What if when Android Phone started to be opened abd used (in my wife's school, there are 24 Android phones out of 25).

I sincerely ask for the support of all using Excel file to vote to support to increase at least to 15,000 rows or more.


Microsoft PG: Please don't give us Ferrari, and limit the speed to 50 kph. TQ

Thanks and Happy Lunar Chinese New Year (for native Chinese)  

PK Hong

Level: Powered On

Re: Excel File Limitation

That 15k rows limit still exists.

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