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From Collection to SharePoint List items

Hi! Smiley Happy


I started my studies in MS Flow this week. I ask your help to find a solution to a basic routine:


Sample Scenario: 

2 Sharepoint list Data Sources:

  • List Requests:
    • Id (id)
    • txtInvoiceID (number)
    • txtDescription (text)
    • ddType (option)
  • List RequestItens:
    • Id (id)
    • RequestId (lookup Requests Id)
    • Amount (number)
    • ItemId (number)

2 Inputs:

  • inputAmount
  • inputItemId


2 Buttons: 

  • btAddItem: Collect(colRequestItens; {Amount:inputAmount.Text; ItemId:inputItemId.Text})
  • btSave: ???


Main Question: 

Is possible to add in RequestItens (SharePoint List) items from colRequestItens (collection)?


Question 2:

Is possible get the RequestId when submit, then add colRequestItens intes to RequestItens ?


Question 3: 

Is possible convert the colRequestItens to JSON or XML text? 



Thx! Smiley Happy