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Ideas to Improve Performance ...?

I've read some Blog entries etc about slow performance, but wondered / would appreciate it if someone has some specific tips for me.

The App works "functionally" as desired by the user community.

It's based on the templates avaliable in PowerApps.

4 main screens / a search filter one, a "Products" screen, and then the ability to Edit and create new "Product" records.

The performance is a particular problem on the selection screen. 

I will attempt to add a screenshot of it.

The fields are all "constrained" by each other (with the exception of the first one).

The screen is based on a "View" in the database (an SQL Database)
In terms of the formulas used:

The selection screen has a formula to refresh a table and a view:


Market Field Items:

Manufacturing Centre Select:
Manufacturing Centre Items:
Ungroup(Table({Item:Blank()},{Item:Filter(tempCollection,MARKETNAME = MarketSelection_1.Selected.Value)}),"Item")

Site Items:


Application OnSelect (fyi: this seems to have an error in with hard coded, but wierdly is working!)
ApplicationSelection_1.Selected.Value in "Wood Shop",true))
Application On Change (fyi: also has the hard coded error):
ApplicationSelection_1.Selected.Value in "Wood Shop",true))

Application Items:
Ungroup(Table({Item:Blank()},{Item:Filter('[dbo].[vwDISTINCTApplications]',MANUFACTURINGCENTRE = ManufacturingCentreSelection_1.Selected.Value,MARKETNAME = MarketSelection_1.Selected.Value,SITE_DESCRIPTION=SiteSelection_1.Selected.Value)}),"Item")


Process Step Items:

Ungroup(Table({Item:Blank()},{ItemSmiley Very Happyistinct(Filter(Sort('[dbo].[KAPMT_MAIN_VIEW_2]',PROCESS_STEP_DESC,Ascending),


The edit screen also has performance issues; but lets start here! Any ideas everyone? I'd like the functionality to remain the same; but the performance\usability to improve.

Also, I will immediately work on removing the hard coding(!)

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