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Intermittent Sharepoint Connection



Recently, I have moved my app from one environment to another within same powerapps tenancy. The Application was working perfectly fine before migration however after migration to new environment it's having intermittent connectivity issues with SharePoint. List are unable to be accessed and sometimes the application cannot lookup or Filter data from the lists.


Getting this error even before browsing for anySharePoint site from PowerApps.


The Data did not load properly, please try again

Session ID: a804b3e8-b35f-3cc0-fc25-38d028bf38ff


While trying to add the Sharepoint list to the Sources, getting below error that it's unable to add the source, it has either been moved or renamed. However there is no such thing and nothing has been changed with respect to name of access permissions to list and site.


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Re: Intermittent Sharepoint Connection

Hi WWPowerApps,


After the migrating, you may need to address any compilation issues in the app, in accessing resources that may have different names, such as data connections and sources. An easy way to resolve compilation issues with the app is to remove and re-add the data sources for the app in the destination environment. See Understand data sources.


Please refer to:




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Re: Intermittent Sharepoint Connection

Hi Mona,


All those things has already been considered, including re-configuring of Conenctions. However the issue still persists and we have logged a support ticket to Microsoft with reference # 117022094095238 as well. We have tried the same scenario but in an inverse manner from our production O365 tenancy to test and looks like the issue is happening for Sharepoint connections to environments located in Euorpe region. The same scenario works perfectly file in Asia region. I am attaching snapshots of errors that we get while adding source lists from our SharePoint.