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Level 8

Re: Issue with new Powerapps version 3.19014.8 - Dropdown values defaulting to Blank

Hi Filip,


Thanks for the Update. And the  Roll back fix. Can you confirm that we need to save, publish and reopen to update to the new version to resolve this or is this a back end fix?


Also I agree that potentially App breaking bug fixes need better advertising. I check the blog weekly but is there a better source such as a release log we can check?



PowerApps Staff FilipK
PowerApps Staff

Re: Issue with new Powerapps version 3.19014.8 - Dropdown values defaulting to Blank

We are still in the process of rolling back the Default functionality for Dropdown and Listbox.  We expect this to be out in production later today.  At that time, if you app was affected, you will need to open it in latest studio, save and republish.

PowerApps Staff _Corey_
PowerApps Staff

Re: Issue with new Powerapps version 3.19014.8 - Dropdown values defaulting to Blank

The rollback to the previous functionality has been completed.  If your app is affected, please open it in the latest Studio, save, and republish.

Level 10

Re: Issue with new Powerapps version 3.19014.8 - Dropdown values defaulting to Blank

Thank you. That is really appreciated.  On a side note this has also changed my approach to using dropdowns.  I needed a single  result based on a filter to a dropdown.  I used other dropdowns with a distint() to display the resuly.  This problem opened my eyest to the fact I did not neeed to do this.  For this reason I have a lot of hidden dropdowns and your bug fix was going to drive me insane.


Using First() allows me to simply get rid of all these dropdowns. I will do that over time 

Super User
Super User

Re: Issue with new Powerapps version 3.19014.8 - Dropdown values defaulting to Blank

Wow! Just felt the impacts of this change. Thought I'd report them here for the PowerApps Team and Community's benefit.


  • Production App used for evaluating employees
  • ~450 users across the US


  • User reports that they received the PDF confirmation of completed evaluation, but the Compliance Screen of the app is not reflecting the completed evaluation.


  • Checked Sharepoint list for record
  • Shows up BUT with 1 blank field
  • This blank field is a hidden field used to sort the Compliance Screen
  • It is a Dropdown Control, inside a Form Control Data Card, with Items Property is set to:
  • Distinct(
            thing = thing.Selected.Value
        ), theVeryImportantColumnUsedToFilterTheComplianceScreen
  • Before this "fix", the dropdown would write the value to the Sharepoint list upon Form submission
  • After this "fix", the dropdown remained empty upon Form submission
  • Thus affecting the Compliance Screen and causing some minor confusion and calls to me, the only maintainer of said app.


  • 3 trouble calls
  • ~3 hrs of work responding to calls, reporting to leadership, fixing issue, updating records by hand
  • 48 records from 1/31 until today needed to be manually updated


  • Changed Dropdown Control to a Textbox Control
  • Changed code to:
  • First(
            thing = thing.Selected.Value


  • Not sure why I was using a Dropdown with Distinct(Filter()). Maybe just because it works/habit!
  • Would have been awesome to know about this "fix" before it was implemented.
  • To be honest, even if it was announced somehow, I probably wouldn't have caught this as its a hidden field in an app.
  • Need to be able to somehow "scan" our code for this type of thing in the future.

Take care!

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